Love at first sight in Notting Lille

Pap & Pille is first of all a meeting. That of Pap & Pille. He was there to give training in the Lille region (note the pun in the title!). She to listen to him. Except that since then, they have never left each other. When you watch a Hollywood romantic comedy, do you tend to find the story highly improbable? That of Pap & Pille could however make you change your mind. Because when Pap made his marriage proposal, Pille also had a ring hidden in her pocket. Of course, they said yes and to seal their union Pap & Pille took off for a world tour rich in encounters and eventful anecdotes. But we’ll tell you about that next time.

Episode 1 :
Best regards from India

As soon as their marriage is over, Pap & Pille set off for a world tour. Just that ! Their objective ? Meet people, discover other ways of living. And while they’re not multilingual, our lovers have a sure-fire weapon to make friends. In fact, Pap sums it up best for him:

Cooking is a universal language

Pap & Pille therefore suffered in the Dominican Republic after a difficult scuba diving. They learned the recipe for their now famous gazelle horns while visiting a souk in Marrakech. They discovered the best hazelnut in Turkey after missing their plane… And all this interspersed with extraordinary mishaps. We’ll only tell you one for now, but we promise one day we’ll share their travel diary with you.

In the meantime, head to India. After a long journey, Pap & Pille fall asleep excited and impatient. The next morning Pap goes in search of a good breakfast. But no one accepts his tickets. Not understanding the language and distraught, he turns back. Back at the hotel, he was told that there had been a devaluation of the currency overnight. Pap & Pille are left with nothing. They were planning on remodeling their wardrobes when they arrived, but they’ll be happy with the T-shirt on their backs. To eat, they can count on the hospitality of the Indians. And it is finally, thanks to this economic crisis that they meet extraordinary people and live among them. The best way to travel for Pap & Pille. Some time later, they resume their journey and have to cross India by train. They carefully monitor the journey so as not to miss their connection. But despite all their vigilance, and thanks to the legendary punctuality of Indian trains and the quality of the network and geolocation, they miss it! The other passengers then explain to them that they will never be able to wait for the next stop to turn around. The whole train mobilizes, up to the conductor, who then offers them the only alternative: jump in motion into a train traveling in the opposite direction that they will soon pass. Well imagine that is what they did!

Episode 2:
Balls mounted (a promising marriage)

After a world tour rich in encounters, Pap & Pille returned to France, with recipes in their heads. All that was needed was a little help from fate. One of their friends asked them to make an original dessert for her wedding. Say goodbye to the traditional cake, Pap & Pille had the idea to miniaturize their recipes in the form of cookie balls. Easier to eat, they also offered an undeniable advantage: the possibility of tasting everything, without feeling guilty! Faced with the success of their marbles, Pap & Pille said to themselves that they had their concept. It only remained to become entrepreneurs. But that’s another story.

Episode 3:
House for sale !

When you have an idea, that’s good. When you know how to sell it, it’s better. To put the odds on their side, Pap & Pille therefore returned to school to learn how to become real entrepreneurs. It was during these chamber of trades internships that they met their chartered accountant. And the latter quickly put his finger on a problem. At that time, Pap & Pille made all their cookie balls … by hand! Impossible under these conditions to become profitable and to be able to meet the demand. At first, Pap & Pille looked for a cake maker capable of producing their balls. In vain ! There was only one solution left for them: to build their own factory. With the help of Pap’s ingenious and ingenious brother of Papa even more elbow grease, they came up with the perfect production line capable of turning their recipes into marbles. There was only one small thing left to work out: find enough to finance all this. And with great ailments, great remedies. Pap and Pille have decided to sell their house! Then everything went even faster. From laying the tiles to installing the machines and upgrading the labs, Pap & Pille have done everything themselves. Their daughter might not remember it, but she participated in their parents’ long “cement and paint” evenings. We even have the proof in pictures. And maybe one day we will show it to you … In the meantime, the Pap & Pille adventure was definitely on.

Find us in a few days for the future. Have a great week everyone.